Help support our neighbors in need or local organizations

Adam & Son has raised more than $15,000 for local charities and organizations! 

Adam & Son is a business for good, doing good for our community!

We have a unique fundraising tool we developed to help local organizations, charities, and clubs raise money for themselves and their causes. In addition to all of that, it also supports The A&S Stranded Motorist Fund!

This program is named the “Trifecta” because it is a win, win, win. Adam & Son Auto Repair provides high-quality auto services for a fraction of the cost, a win for the customer, 80% of the purchase price goes directly to the cause you are supporting, a win for the organization, charity or club, and the remaining 20% goes to the Stranded Motorist Fund, a win for people in need within our community!

We founded The A&S Stranded Motorist Fund, a 501(c)3, non-profit to help the most vulnerable people in our community who can’t afford to fix their cars. Often these are domestic violence victims, low-income or homeless veterans, and single moms.

Wait, there’s more! Adam & Son will donate 5% (up to $100) per visit of any other services or repairs we perform for the purchaser to your organization! Even after the Oil Pack is used up and the purchaser continues to support Adam & Son, we will keep donating! As long as the organization is operating and is still in need, we will keep donating!

3 – Pack Oil Change
Includes: 3 Oil Changes and 1 Tire Rotation

5 – Pack Oil Change
Includes: 5 Oil Changes, 2 Tire Rotations and 1 Set of Wiper Blades

Choose Your Package

These packages are not locked to one vehicle. Please feel free to share them with friends, family, and coworkers.

Most modern vehicles require full-synthetic oil. If you are not sure if your car needs semi-synthetic or full synthetic oil, give us a call, and we can look it up for you.

Select the package that works best for you, select the organization you are supporting, and, if applicable, the individual you would like to give credit to

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