Letter from the Founder

To the previous, current and future guests of Adam & Son, we would like to welcome you. First and foremost, this is the experience I would like for you to have every time you walk through our doors – to feel welcome. In every interaction, we strive to excel in our mission to stand out in our industry for amazing customer service in an inclusive environment. If we receive feedback that this was not someone’s experience, we have also put in place continuous improvement steps to ensure the next interaction is noticeably changed. I started the shop over two decades ago because I didn’t see enough of this in my industry. I wanted to create something different, I wanted to create a place where I knew people and their vehicles would be well taken care of and kept safe on the roads. I truly hope that you find this to be your experience in joining us as a guest and trusting us with your vehicle.

Dan Adam

Services We Provide

Auto Repair
Proper auto repairs keep you moving without issue— the performance of your car or truck depends on them! From new brake pads, to engine diagnostics, to a transmission rebuild, it’s important to know where to turn when you need any form of auto repair.
Your vehicle’s brakes are a critical safety component, and accurate brake repairs will keep you slowing and stopping without issue.
Diesel Service
Diesel engines are powerful and efficient machines designed to move you hundreds of thousands of miles, and regular diesel service will make this happen.


Angels of America’s Fallen is a national 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded by a retired Lt Col with 25 years of service as an enlisted Army field artillery canon crewman, a Marine Corps fighter pilot, and an Air Force Reconnaissance pilot. He created Angels of America’s Fallen in 2012 to address a gap in support he saw for the children of his fallen friends in all branches of the military and first responders. There was no program providing opportunities for the children to be engaged in healthy activities the entire year, with long term support every year of their childhood, in between initial grief counseling and scholarships once they became adults. Angels of America’s Fallen was designed to offer positive outlets for the children’s grief during the entire period of these most crucial developmental years. Our staff and board consist of individuals with a passion to help the children in the most impactful way we know. That is to provide them an opportunity, not a handout or a gift, but a chance to invest in themselves and pursue healthy activities during their entire childhood.


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