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Changing the automotive repair industry’s image through our Social Impact programs, company culture, customer service, and inclusion.

Our founder Dan Adam was working at another auto repair shop. The owner took all the employees out to dinner one evening in order to share a very important message--all of you as employees are "replaceable" Dan and the others were told. “Oh, and by the way, we are going to have to start charging you all for coffee.”

This was when Dan decided he wanted a better company culture with better customer service. Looking around, he couldn't find it anywhere, and so he decided to create it himself. Today at Adam & Son, we have service "consultants", so that we can be sure to really listen to our customers and hear their priorities based on time and budget. We have a culture of leadership, empowering people to bring their best to work each day and pass that along to their team and our customers. And we have an entire social impact program, ensuring that people in our community have access to car maintenance and repairs at the times when they most need it.

It is exhilarating to find those rare birds with the Hunger to be the Best at What They do, and it is also hard to articulate how much passion our team has for their roles in helping our guests and our community! What an incredible place to come to work every day!

We have come to understand at Adam & Son that we can look out for our guests’ best interests and even give a helping hand when needed and still have a profitable and successful businesses. This understanding has led us to strive to be a “Social Impact” centric business. We have and continue to work hard to develop a sustainable, ongoing, and ever-expanding way to help our community.

Services We Provide

Auto Repair
Proper auto repairs keep you moving without issue— the performance of your car or truck depends on them! From new brake pads, to engine diagnostics, to a transmission rebuild, it’s important to know where to turn when you need any form of auto repair.
Your vehicle’s brakes are a critical safety component, and accurate brake repairs will keep you slowing and stopping without issue.
Diesel Service
Diesel engines are powerful and efficient machines designed to move you hundreds of thousands of miles, and regular diesel service will make this happen.



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