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It is exhilarating to find those rare birds with the Hunger to be the Best at What They do, and it is also hard to articulate how much passion our team has for their roles in helping our guests and our community! What an incredible place to come to work every day!

We have come to understand at the Adam & Son companies that we can look out for our guests’ best interests and even give a helping hand when needed and still have profitable, successful businesses. This understanding has led us to be a “Social Impact” business. We have and continue to work hard to develop a sustainable, ongoing, and ever-expanding way to help our community.

“Growth is not our goal; it is a byproduct of our hunger to be the best at what we do.”

– Dan Adam | Founder, Adam & Son Companies

Service & Repair

As the FIRST and ONLY Social Impact Auto Repair shop, we have completely flipped the industry upside down with a whole new approach to auto repair. We are a top-rated innovative facility focusing on a better way of helping ALL of our guests. At Adam & Son, we intentionally pay all of our Consultants on salary, so they don’t feel pressure to pressure you! We train our team members to be a true consultant rather than the typical industry standard service advisor or salesperson. Because of this, their jobs now become infinitely more rewarding, knowing they get to help guests make the best decisions for their needs. While a typical auto repair shop or new car dealership will “sell you,” for instance, a list of recommended services, Adam & Son will present you with the good, the bad, and the ugly and ask for your direction. Giving our guests a comprehensive digital (photos and video) inspection via email and text message provides the facts necessary to make a responsible decision. We will follow your direction and budget and are at the ready to provide our expert advice if you so choose. By carefully vetting all of our Consultants to ensure they possess a high level of integrity, we know they will always provide accurate and honest guidance.


When we made the decision to partner with U-Haul, we quickly realized U-Haul was not used to dealing with a company with such high standards. When the U-Haul executives laid out their requirements and explained the business’s challenges, our team looked at them with a bit of amazement. It was apparent all we had to do is do what we usually do at Adam & Son, and we would far exceed their expectations. Sure enough, within the first month of operating a U-Haul dealership, we received TOP 100 out of 20,000 dealers in Canada and the United States award. By the third month, we were the top dealer in the Colorado Springs region. We didn’t do anything extraordinary; we were simply being Adam & Son.


Our Detail team embraces and continues the same values as the rest of the Adam & Son companies. Thinking outside the box of the traditional automotive detailing industry, we have revamped and overhauled how it has always been done. Our detailers use the same digital inspections as our service and used car teams. Our team sets realistic expectations by texting or emailing our guests a digital inspection with photos before work begins. Our detailers find it incredibly rewarding to provide quality and beautiful automotive details, and transparency is a critical component in making that happen.

Fundraising and Charities


A & S Stranded Motorist Fund – 501(c)(3) Nonprofit
Unfortunately, we often run into desperate families or individuals who can’t afford to fix their cars. It is usually their only vehicle, and their only means to get to work, and their only means to support their family. Adam & Son does our best to help these people in need, but we sure would welcome your help. Please consider donating to our Stranded Motorist Fund.

Military Discount
Adam & Son gives our active duty and combat veterans a 5% discount. We are supporting Angels of America’s Fallen,, (an organization that supports the children of fallen firefighters, military, and law enforcement), and if you donate your military discount to AoAF, Adam & Son will match your donation up to $100.00

Referral Discount
Often we provide referral discounts to give our potential future guests incentive to come check out the “Adam & Son Experience.” If you donate your discount to the A & S Stranded Motorist Fund or the charity of your choosing, Adam & Son will match your donation up to $100.00.

Vehicle Donation
Not willing to invest in your old car anymore? Consider donating it to the A & S Stranded Motorist Fund. We will fix it, make sure it is safe to drive, and present it to someone in need on your behalf! If you donate your car, Adam & Son Auto Sales will take $100.00 off the purchase price of any vehicle you buy from us.

Trifecta Fundraiser
Adam & Son also helps other charities and nonprofits raise money for their organizations by donating 5-pack oil changes. Click on the TRIFECTA button to learn more about this fantastic program!

Local Business VIP Program

Membership programs are great money-savers. Like Costco or Sam’s Club membership programs designed to drive down their costs and therefore drive down overall prices, Adam & Son has also created a money-saving program. We know that by supporting our local community businesses, they will support us. Having a centralized, easy way to spread the word within a company will save on our marketing costs and therefore, we can pass those savings on to the company’s team members. Are you interested in adding your company to our LBVIP program? Call, text, or email us the contact information for the person in charge of company programs and we will take care of the rest. The best part is it is entirely free!


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Our vision is to provide a sustainable, ongoing, and ever-expanding way to help our community.


Our mission is to, directly and indirectly, impact as many people as possible through helping organizations and charities in our community in their fundraising efforts. Using our automotive businesses as a tool to help organizations from the local high school softball team raise money for equipment to TESSA providing safe homes for victims of domestic violence and sex trafficking. From the Colorado Springs Children’s Chorale and Colorado Springs Youth Symphony to Angels of America’s Fallen. With our fundraising model, the more we give, the more business we generate, and the more organizations we can help. Oh yeah, and we just happen to fix cars.


Integrity (always do the right thing), humility (take ownership), vulnerability (embrace your imperfections), caring (understand other peoples why), non-judgemental (seek to understand others perspectives), driven (continually check yourself to verify what you are doing aligns with what your goals are), purpose seeking (think beyond yourself).

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