About Us


“Growth is not our goal; it is a byproduct of our hunger to be the best at what we do.”
~ Dan Adam | Founder, Adam & Son Companies

Before founding Adam & Son, our founder, Dan Adam, worked at another auto repair shop. One evening, the owner took all the employees out to dinner to share a very important message, "All of you as employees are 'replaceable.' Oh, and by the way, we will start charging you all for coffee.”

Right then and there, Dan decided he wanted to find a shop with a better company culture and better customer service. After looking around for awhile, he could not find what he wanted, so he decided to create it himself. Today at Adam & Son, we have service "consultants," so we can really listen to our customers and understand their priorities based on time and budget. We have a culture of leadership. This culture empowers our people to bring their best to work each day and pass that along to their team and customers. In addition, we have an entire social impact program ensuring that people in our community have access to car maintenance and repairs when they need it most.

It is exhilarating to find those rare birds with the hunger to be the best at what they do, and it is also hard to articulate how much passion our team has for their roles in helping our guests and our community! What an incredible place to work each day!
We have come to understand that at Adam & Son companies, we can look out for our guests' best interests and even lend a helping hand while still having profitable, successful businesses. This understanding has led us to be a “Social Impact" centric business. We continue to work hard to develop a sustainable, ongoing, and ever-expanding way to help our community