Digital Service & Benefits

By utilizing digital components, we provide a complete overview of your vehicle’s time in our shop from start to finish. We want you to have the proper education and expert advice to decide on the best path forward for your vehicle’s health.

Digital Inspections

A digital inspection is a technology-based report of a technician’s evaluation of your vehicle. These inspections rely heavily on pictures of the vehicle along with notations from technicians as to what they found in each photographed area. A traditional inspection lacks transparency. A technician calls a customer and relays their opinion but the customer has limited information or opportunity to see a reference point for the technician’s report. We believe in bringing the customer into the process and giving them all the tools needed to better understand the results of the inspection.

At Adam & Son we utilize comprehensive digital inspections in order to reinforce transparency and honesty through our services. We send a detailed inspection report to your phone so that you can observe the results of the inspection and decide which repairs to complete and which ones to postpone to a later date. Our service consultants, who are paid on salary rather than commission, will walk you through the recommended services and repairs, answering questions and providing expert analysis along the way.

The value of digital inspections increases over time. Once a digital inspection has been completed, you are able to track the progress of your vehicle’s health. You can view specific areas of concern and pinpoint maintenance issues that may arise. giving you more knowledge and autonomy to oversee your vehicle. This process improves the working relationship between Adam & Son and our guests, while allowing us to deliver maximum value.

SmartFlow Technology

Part of our digital inspection process includes the utilization of SmartFlow technology. It is an all-in-one communications solution for auto repair businesses to engage with customers. One of the primary benefits is equipping the vehicle owner to make the best, most-informed decisions with increased visibility and overall confidence from start to finish. Communication between the shop and the driver is improved, with a foundation of openness and transparency.

Features of SmartFlow include:

  • A comprehensive inspection with photos and video.
  • Visual verification of the exact issues affecting the vehicle.
  • Sharing of all information, including repair procedures required.
  • Simplified spelling out of all corrective steps ahead.
  • Education on a vehicle’s overall system and operations.
  • Demonstrations of how damaged or worn-out parts affect safety.
  • Future repair recommendations ranked for priority and urgency.
  • Information conveyed on vehicle status every step of the way.
  • Choices of communication via text, email, phone.
  • Paperless from start to finish!