Our Social Impact Programs

Changing the automotive repair industry’s image through our Social Impact programs, company culture, customer service, and inclusion. Since 2020, we have donated over $150,000 toward repairs and fundraising in our community.

Adam & Son believes it is our duty as a business that cares about its neighbors to commit our time, money and energy to making our community better. We are the first and only social impact auto repair shop in the nation. This means we are driven by a mission in order to use our business for a higher purpose – to help solve social issues in tangible and lasting ways.

A safe and reliable vehicle is a fundamental need for individuals and families, especially in a city where public transportation can be difficult and unreliable. We’re committed to helping people maintain their self-sufficiency so that their dignity, independence and quality of life are not compromised when car trouble happens.The Stranded Motorist Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit program that we operate in order to repair or replace vehicles for qualified persons at low to no cost.

Adam & Son is just one of many organizations focused on its mission to create positive impact. There are so many tremendous nonprofits, charities, social organizations, clubs and programs throughout the Colorado Springs area. We believe our city and beyond flourish when all of these organizations are having their maximum impact. The Trifecta Program is a tool we created to relieve the burden and complication of fundraising for participating organizations. This way they can focus on their mission and keep our community strong.

We have four unique social impact programs that directly impact our neighbors. Each of them have unique opportunities for YOU to GET INVOLVED! Learn more and get started today below.

Social Impact Goals

1. To create a safe space where all are welcome and valued
2. To increase self-sufficiency by repairing cars that are vital to getting to work and/or school
3. Increase revenue for nonprofit organizations and decrease the fundraising burden allowing staff and participants to focus on the mission

Stranded Motorist Fund
Trifecta Program
Pay It Forward Program

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