Our Social Impact Programs

Changing the automotive repair industry’s image through our Social Impact programs, company culture, customer service, and inclusion.

We believe in a hand up, not a handout. Helping people maintain or resume their self-sufficiency is an important driver of why the Stranded Motorist Fund exists. We believe helping others maintain their dignity and independence is key to their success in life.

We also believe that healthy organizations make our community better. As we mentioned before, organizations participating in the Trifecta program keep 80 percent of the value of the oil change packages. This is a much higher percent than what fundraising programs outside of our community offer (think Butter Braid). Therefore, with the higher price point as well as the higher percentage of funds kept by the organization, the agencies providing crucial support services or ensuring equitable access to activities for young people can focus more on what they do best to keep our community strong.

If you know of a charity, club, or organization that could use our help, send us a message: [email protected]

Social Impact Goals

1. To create a safe space where all are welcome and valued
2. To increase self-sufficiency by repairing cars that are vital to getting to work and/or school
3. Increase revenue for nonprofit organizations and decrease the fundraising burden allowing staff and participants to focus on the mission

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