Meet the Team

Dan Adam

Dan is a pioneer in the automotive industry and Social Impact world alike. He worked his way up from changing oil, to acquiring his own shop and in 1999 started building Adam & Son into the industry-leading, industry-shaping, first-in-the-nation-Social-Impact-auto-repair-shop that it is today. His vision and innovation continue to drive our team forward.

He’s the only person on the team who doesn’t like dogs, but we love him anyway. Instead he loves hiking, camping and sitting in his nature-filled backyard enjoying an after-work glass of wine reading a book. The only thing he’s more proud of than Adam & Son is his amazing family - wife Natalie, daughters Adelia and Renee, and son Hunter.

Favorite Culture Fundamental: Be Relentless About Improvement

Michael MacMasters
General Manager

Mig-uel-itooo (to the tune of “Despacito” of course). As General Manager, Michael is the glue that holds our team together. His leadership and relationships with team members in all roles is critical, and just one of the many reasons we’re lucky to have him.

Mountain bikes are just as important to him as cars, unless of course you’re talking about a ‘56 Chevy Nomad with a modern drivetrain. He’s a hiker, a camper and a dog-lover. And above all -a great human and an absolute addition to the Adam & Son family.

Favorite Culture Fundamental: Speak Straight

Angela Harper
Office Manager

Angela keeps this place ticking, plain and simple. She brings a wealth of experience in various service industries, making sure our team stays organized, effective and maximizing our potential. Don’t forget to pay an invoice or you’ll have her knocking on your door!

Outside of work, she has a big ole family of 4 kids and 4 (soon to be 5) grandkids to keep her busy. Not to mention 4 dogs and 10 chickens! In her freetime she likes reading, doing crafts and cooking. She’s brought in some of her dishes for us to sample and *chefs kiss* they’re delicious!

Favorite Culture Fundamental: Pitch In Wherever Necessary

Rob Badial
Store Manager-Briargate

Rob comes to us with 20 years of experience in the automotive repair industry, including fabricating handicap accessible vehicles. He puts his best foot forward everyday to deliver top notch service and value to our guests each and every day. Rob takes pleasure in serving the community of Colorado Springs, which he was born and raised in.

Rob is very passionate about his family and building a solid foundation for his wife and 2 daughters. In his off time, you’ll find him on a disc golf course, hiking, fishing, camping, or out in his garden working.

Favorite Fundamental: Honor Commitments

Service Consultant-Austin Bluffs

Singer, musician, athlete, comedian, Service Consultant. What can’t this guy do? With nearly 30 years in the auto industry, he brings so much to the table and delivers value to our guests each and every day. He got his start in Southern California but we’re sure glad he found his way to Colorado.

Daniel is all about investing in family - his Adam & Son family but more importantly family back at home. He loves getting to spend time and make memories with his two sons. They’re lucky to have a dad like Daniel and they’ll be even luckier if they inherit some of his many talents!

Favorite Culture Fundamental: Do The Right Thing, Always

Lead Tech- Briargate

Josh is what we’d call a Technician’s Technician. Basically, he’s really freakin’ good at it. There’s something to be said for expertise and the highest standard of quality work. He’s determined to step into new challenges and embrace everything that comes with change, which inspires our team to do the same.

He might tell you he’s quiet, but you can always get him talking about music. There’s not a concert he won’t go to, even if he says he’d rather just stay at home with his dogs Zeus and Athena. It’s his dream to one day drive them around in an Audi R8.

Favorite Culture Fundamental: Make Quality Personal


Neal Spence started working on vehicles when he was a kid with his best friend’s dad. From there it turned into a passion that he really enjoyed. At 18, he joined the military where he worked on wheeled vehicles. After a few years, Neal transitioned to aviation in the army and worked on helicopters. When he left the military, he returned to working on cars, advancing from just doing basic brake jobs to being able to rebuild engines and performing diagnostics. Neal loves what he does and takes immense pride in his work. In his spare time, he is either working on his project cars or racing dirt bikes.

Favorite Fundamental: Do The Right Thing, Always

Tech-Austin Bluffs

You’d be hard pressed to find someone who makes quality as personal as Sean. He says that he treats every car that comes through his bay like it was his grandmother’s. It’s a fantastic trait that gives every guest peace of mind that they’re receiving the highest level of service.

When he’s not taking care of business, “Bubba” is looking out for and spending time with his family at home. If he hadn’t gone into cars, there’s a very good chance he’d be in the veterinary field. He once brought a whole litter of puppies into the shop for our team to hang out with, we haven’t stopped thanking him for that.

Favorite Culture Fundamental: Do The Right Thing, Always

Lead Tech-Austin Bluffs

A Master Technician boasting over 30 years in the industry, Brian "Big Tasty" has insight and expertise that you simply can't put a price on. Not to mention, he proudly served our country for 21 years in the US Army. Pretty badass if you ask us.

He stays busy after work spending time with his five kids and six grandkids. He and his wife Wendy love hiking, camping and spending time with family and friends.

Favorite Culture Fundamental: Deliver Legendary Service

Service Consultant- Briargate

You’re always in for a treat when you strike up a conversation with Erik. You might end up discussing cars, deep philosophical questions, or hearing why his chickens lay the best eggs in town. He has 4 boys at home who he’s dead set on creating the best opportunities in life for. Camping, fishing and spending time in the mountains with them are all part of the formula.

Erik has a passion for making our guests happy and delivering the legendary customer service that we pride ourselves on. He will talk you through the situation, listen intently to your concerns and work with our technicians to create the optimal solution.

Favorite Culture Fundamental: Be Relentless About Improvement

Tech - Austin Bluffs

Having grown up around cars, John has more or less had a wrench in his pocket since the age of 5. He say it's always come naturally to him. 23 years later and he’s found his way into the Adam & Son family, always bringing a reassuring and collaborative attitude to the shop.

His wife and kids are what he’s most proud of in life and loves spending time with them, being outdoors and finding a waterpark anytime the weather’s nice. One day, he dreams they’ll all cram into a Porsche 911 GT3 RS to get up to Water World. Wouldn’t that be cool?

Favorite Culture Fundamental: Make Quality Personal

Tech - Austin Bluffs

First, Eric wants you to know that is a father and husband. He enjoys spending time with his family, whether relaxing or going on adventures in their 4Runner. He has been working on cars since he started driving and has been into performance cars for a long time, rebuilding his first 350 (with help) when he was twelve. Although new to 4-wheeling, he really enjoys getting out there.

Eric enjoys playing cards or any tabletop-style games, especially strategic ones. However, Magic: The Gathering is his all-time favorite, and he hosts game nights every weekend for family, friends, and anyone interested in learning complex games and strategies.

Favorite Fundamental: Do The Right Thing, Always

Apprentice Tech

Luis, also known as Smiley, brings a youthful spark and grin to Adam & Son. Within a few short months, he went from his first day in the auto industry to owning projects all on his own. His coachable and teachable mentality make him a huge asset, always embracing his opportunity to learn and grow.

He loves staying active playing basketball and hiking or relaxing while playing video games with friends. Catch him on a Monday morning and ask how his fantasy football team is doing. He’s also a huge Boston Celtics fan, just be sure you don’t talk to him the morning after a loss!

Favorite Culture Fundamental: Make Quality Personal

General Service Tech

Originally introduced to the car world through a friend, it’s now a passion all his own. In addition to Matt’s family, he’s most proud of becoming an ASE Certified Technician working on the main line at a dealership at just 20 years old! Nicknamed MattyB, he’s definitely better than the Internet’s MattyB.

He’s not only got the talent but his commitment to positivity and encouraging the rest of the team to stay positive are invaluable to us. Coming in to work every day with a smile on your face takes a deliberate effort! Matt loves hanging out with his cat Nala, building/working on computers and of course just enjoying time with family and friends.

Favorite Culture Fundamental: Be Positive

Service Consultant Assistant

Josh has a deep love for cars and music. His dream ride is a Ferrari 812 GTS - it’d be pretty cool to see him roll up to a concert hall in one of those bad boys. Podcasts, hiking and Dungeons & Dragons are some of the other things that keep him busy outside of work.

He had an immediate impact upon joining the team, working seamlessly with the Service Consultants and Technicians to problem solve. He takes pride and joy in helping people with great service, all while holding onto a positive attitude - which is contagious for our team and a trait we deeply appreciate!

Favorite Culture Fundamental: Find Win-Win Solutions