Stranded Motorist Fund

In 2020, Adam & Son founded the Stranded Motorist Fund, a 501(c)3 non-profit that is a program of Onward! A Legacy Foundation. The Stranded Motorist Fund (SMF) helps the people in our community who can’t afford to fix their cars. We realized that we were seeing a large increase in the number of vehicle owners unable to afford necessary safety repairs. Although we have always had customers who might need to put something on a credit card, current data shows that 1 in 3 motorists cannot afford an unexpected car repair over $500 without going into debt. We also saw many people who needed to get to work and get their children to school, and they had nowhere to go to ensure they had a safe, reliable vehicle. Often these are domestic violence victims, low-income or homeless veterans, or single moms. You can’t go to the food bank or housing department for help with car repairs, so the Stranded Motorist Fund exists to help our community members that have safety concerns with their vehicles but cannot afford to fix them. We write grants and fundraise to secure this funding, but customers are the most impactful funders as every purchase they make with us helps others, as you will see with our other two social impact programs. Together we have given over $80,0000 in repairs and dated vehicles through the Stranded Motorist Fund.